Go beyond bonds with alternative income-generating asset classes


Investment Objective

The Newfound Multi-Asset Income Fund provides access to alternative income generating asset classes within a disciplined risk-management process. The strategy attempts to increase portfolio income over a full market cycle by emphasizing yield, with capital appreciation as a secondary objective. It can complement an existing core equity exposure by diversifying the exposure level over time while also aiming to increase portfolio income. The strategy makes tactical moves between U.S. and international equity and fixed income ETFs, REITs, MLPs, and short-term U.S. Treasuries.

Why Newfound Multi-Asset Income?

  • Provides a diversified framework for both traditional and non-traditional income exposures (25% max for any exposure)
  • Acknowledges that dollars of income – not yield – is what matters most to investors by emphasizing both yield and capital protection
  • Places a 100% unemotional, momentum-based framework on your client’s allocation decision, with the ability to move entirely to cash.
  • Flexible tool to address key risks, including rising interest rates, deteriorating credit/fundamentals, and capital loss of income base

A simple

The strategy seeks to generate an attractive risk-adjusted income profile within a disciplined risk management framework utilizing alternative income generating asset classes.

A consistent

Applies a disciplined, rule-based process to evaluate each asset independently utilizing Newfound’s proprietary momentum models. Assets identified as exhibiting negative momentum are removed from the portfolio.

A thoughtful

After screening out asset classes exhibiting negative momentum, the remaining ETFs receive an allocation in proportion to their risk-adjusted income with ETF weights capped at 25%. This limit allows the portfolio to build cash in an effort to protect capital during higher risk market environments.

"By splitting raw model output and the rules that govern portfolio design, we force ourselves to deal with model failure as an eventual certainty, not something to ignore and hope it doesn’t happen."

− Corey Hoffstein, Chief Investment Officer


Details regarding the fund including investment objectives, risks and fees


A supplementary document to the prospectus containing further information and disclosures

Annual Report

Discloses certain aspects of a Fund’s operations and financial condition

Semiannual Report

Discloses certain aspects of a Fund’s operations and financial condition

XBRL Files

XBRL Files


A brief brochure outlining the principal investment strategy and past performance


An in-depth informational guide to our firm and the investment strategy


Recent commentary from the Portfolio Managers


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