Risk managed exposure to global large-cap equities


Investment Objective

The Newfound Risk Managed Global Sectors Fund provides access to global equities within a disciplined risk-management framework. The strategy can complement core and satellite equity exposures as well as serve as a pivot point in the asset allocations between equities and fixed income depending on the current market environment. The strategy makes tactical moves between global equities and short-term U.S. Treasuries. The equity sector exchange-traded funds (ETFs) cover U.S., international and emerging market stocks.

Why Newfound Risk Managed Global Sectors?

  • Provides core equity exposure through sector-based framework (25% max in any sector)


  • Fully tactical – can go from 100% equity to 100% cash in an effort to avoid significant drawdowns


  • Places a 100% unemotional, momentum-based framework on allocation decisions


  • Flexible tool to address key risks, such as capital loss, fear-based under allocation to equities

A simple objective.

The strategy seeks to protect and participate, providing exposure to global large-cap equities through 10 global sector ETFs with the ability to shift the portfolio entirely to a short-term U.S. treasury ETF position.

A consistent process.

Applies a disciplined, rule-based process to evaluate each sector independently utilizing Newfound’s proprietary momentum models.  Sectors identified as exhibiting negative momentum are removed from the portfolio.

A thoughtful design.

If a sector is removed from the portfolio, its capital is re-allocated among the remaining investments.  Sectors are capped at 25%; if 3 or fewer sectors remain, a short-term U.S. Treasury ETF position is built.

"By providing fully tactical portfolios, we believe that advisors can create custom tailored portfolios for their clients based on risk appetite by allocating to strategies in appropriate sizes."

− Corey Hoffstein, Chief Investment Officer


Details regarding the fund including investment objectives, risks and fees


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XBRL Files


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